Simon Stückelberger

Simon Stückelberger

Postdoc Political Science

Goethe University Frankfurt

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I am a postdoc in political science at the Goethe University Frankfurt (at the Chair of Comparative Politics). I am interested in the way politicians and political parties divide society and politics up into camps and groups - both in their open political communication and their hidden targeting strategies.

Politicians distinguish between the “us” and “them”, the good and bad, the deserving and undeserving. They do this in their negative campaigns against competitors, signaling to voters the political camp they belong to, and they do it with group appeals: supporting certain social groups such as women or workers, and critizing others such as immigrants or employers. It is with this focus that I analyze election campaigns and parliamentary behaviour.

I also study the more hidden role social groups play in helping parties to target voters and the implications of online targeting for democratic discourse.

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  • Election campaigns
  • Political parties
  • Group appeals
  • Representation
  • (Micro-)Targeting
  • Phd in Political Science, 2019

    University of Lausanne

  • Msc in Political Sociology, 2013

    London School of Economics and Political Science

  • BA in International Relations, 2011

    University of Geneva


Research Articles

Stuckelberger, Simon. 2021. “Mobilizing and Chasing: The Voter Targeting of Negative Campaigning – Lessons from the Swiss Case.” Party Politics 27 (2): 341–50.doi: / Download

Stuckelberger, Simon, and Jelle Koedam. 2022. “Parties’ Voter Targeting Strategies: What Can Facebook Ads Tell Us?” Electoral Studies 77.doi: / Download


Stuckelberger, Simon. 2019. “Group Appeals in Electoral Politics: Comparing Party Behaviour in Switzerland, Germany and the Netherlands.” PhD Dissertation, Lausanne: University of Lausanne.


Stückelberger, Simon. 2021. Einblick in die Facebook-Werbebibliothek — Die online Kampagne zu den Vorlagen vom 13. Juni 2021. DeFacto, 11. Juni 2021.

Stückelberger, Simon. 2020. Angriff ist die beste Mobilisierung: Negative Kampagnen und ihre Zielgruppen. DeFacto, 19. Mai 2020.



BA Seminar on Swiss politics (“Das politische System der Schweiz”), Fall 2019 - Spring 2022, Goethe University Frankfurt. Syllabus

BA Seminar on election campaigns (“Wahlkämpfe im internationalen Vergleich”), Spring 2020 - Spring 2022, Goethe University Frankfurt. Syllabus